Freeman's artworks with dark backgrounds have a striking allure and strong visual contrast. Unless otherwise titled, the titles for Freeman's larger works on canvas were notations on the number of figures in the composition, the number of artworks Freeman had produced in that year with that number of figures, and the year. A title such as Two - 9 - 1995 indicates that there are two figures in the composition, it's the 9th painting with two figures he completed in 1995. The reason for this is to protect the identity of his models. Figurative works on paper were rarely titled yet always signed or initialed, bear Freeman's artist stamp, and indicate the year in which they were created. They are referred to as "Untitled;" with a brief description of subject matter and were created in the presence of live models. Artworks on paper are all unframed. Framing can be provided. Contact us to discuss framing options and times.